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Shampoo Blancheur

Brightens all white coats with anti-yellowing effect

155,00 kr

Shampoo Degrease

Provides in-depth cleaning, remove degrease and controls ...

150,00 kr

Shampoo Douceur Extrême

Apply to a wet coat. Lather gently and leave to work for ...

150,00 kr

Shampoo for light coat

LIGHT COAT’s unique formula contains active ingredients to ...

100,00 kr

Shampoo for sensitive skin

Natural shampoo is ideal for those with sensitive skins.

100,00 kr

Shampoo Purifiant Camphre

Sanitizing. anti-pollutant shampoo

140,00 kr

Shampoo universal

This highly effective cleansing shampoo is formulated with ...

100,00 kr

Shampoo Vital Force

Repairs, restores the hair provides softness and shine

165,00 kr